Chapter Philanthropy

Our Sigma Kappa founders left us with a lasting impression of the importance of philanthropy. Service is one of Sigma Kappa's founding values, and as such, members of Sigma Kappa support multiple philanthropic causes with several different events.


Sigma Kappatizers

In the fall, Sigma Kappa hosts sororities, fraternities, and members of the UW Community for various snacks like miniature pizzas, waffle fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken nuggets to raise money for our philanthropy! A huge hit since 2016, it's a time for our members to come together, eat great food, and dance around to great music! 

The Walk to End Alzheimer's

Every fall our members participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's. Every Sigma Kappa across the nation hosts their community's 5k walk. This is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research. Beginning in 2017, the Mu chapter and the Alpha Gamma Chapter at Washington State University have been in fierce competition to raise more money than the other! This year, the Mu chapter raised an astonishing $30,429.00 for the Alzheimer's Association! We continue to reach new heights and push our limits to donate to an incredible cause that so many of us are passionate about. To donate to the Seattle Walk to End Alzheimer's, click here:

Please watch a video filmed by Sigma Kappa Nationals at the Mu Chapter House about their work with the Alzheimer's Association and the change that Sigma Kappa is making in the fight to End Alzheimer's:


SK Field Days

Our Soccer tournament is widely anticipated every year! We invite fraternities and sororities to compete against each other in a bracket style soccer tournament. We also host a talent show, where each organization can show off their best skills! We've seen everything from guitar serenades to ballet dancing to fire breathing! 



To remember our philanthropies, all you have to do is spell SIGMA:

S is for Sigma Kappa Foundation

I is for Inherit the Earth

G is for Gerontology

M is for Maine Sea Coast Mission

A is for Alzheimer's research